Garlanger Family Tree

Garlanger Family Tree

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Welcome to the Garlanger Family Tree, much of this information was gathered/research by my cousin, Daniel Mark Garlanger. Some has come from Douglas W. Garlinger, see his site at for more information. The remainder of the information came from, either by other users of the site, or from research, I did, with the large collection of source documents on their site.  

For privacy reasons, I’ve tried to excluded all living people and most people born less than 100 years ago. If there is someone still living, listed on this site, let me know and I’ll remove them. 

From all the research so far, it appears that all Garlangers are descendants of Henry Garlanger(b. 12/15/1788). He was born Henry Garlinger and at some point, started using Garlanger.  He had two wives, Elizabeth Swain and Letitia Penn and several children from each marriage.

Created: Sep 29, 2018